Review: Negativity (Deer Tick)

Americana, sadly, seems to be less popular these days. Even the legendary Wilco has strayed from their folk heritage, as of late.¬†With the fate of modern Americana heading toward extinction, there are five words that can bring us a little hope: Thank God for Deer Tick. On their fifth outing Negativity, Deer Tick reinvigorates the … Continue reading

Review: …Little Broken Hearts (Norah Jones)

Little Broken Hearts, Jones’s fifth studio release, is a more confident, refined version of The Fall-era Norah Jones sound. While jazz still has a nice foothold near the core of Jones’s influences, Little Broken Hearts ventures boldly into colourful and continually creative domains that even The Fall didn’t quite reach. Continue reading

Review: Boys & Girls (Alabama Shakes)

Alabama Shakes are newcomers on the indie scene, though the overwhelming hype preceding these folks makes it seem like they’ve been around for a good while now. Led by spunky, soulful Brittany Howard, Alabama Shakes forge the dirty, gritty fuzz of garage rock with the classic-era, melodic time travel of southern soul. Boys & Girls, their rowdy debut record, hits shelves today, with widespread interest and great anticipation. Continue reading